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SIM Council Meeting
February 07th and 08th, 2005
Blue Horizon Hotel







Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues SIM President, ABBS
Oscar Harasic Executive Secretary, OAS
Steve Carpenter Technical Advisor, NIST
Yoshito Mitani Chairman, Professional Development Committee CENAM
Luis Mussio Chairman, Technical Committee
JCRB Representative, LATU
Luis Carlos Gomes On behalf of SURAMET Coordinator, INMETRO
Jose Dajes ANDIMET Coordinator, INDECOPI
Christine de Groot On behalf of NORAMET Coordinator, NRC

Taynah Souza On behalf of SIM Secretariat, INMETRO


William Anderson QSTF Chair, NIST





1. Introduction and Welcome/Introducción y Bienvenida
2. Verification of Quorum/Verificación de Quórum
3. Approval of Agenda/Aprobación de Agenda
4. Approval of Minutes of previous Council Meeting/Aprobación de la Acta de la Reunión Anterior del Consejo
5. Matters arising from the Minutes/Asuntos derivados de la Acta
6. Report on 2004 Budget/Relatorio del Presupuesto de 2004
7. Definition of SIM activities with the 2005 OAS Project / Definición de las atividades del SIM com el proyecto OAS 2005
8. Report from SIM Representative to JCRB / Relatorio del Representante del SIM ante el JCRB
9. 2005 SIM Calendar/Calendario SIM 2005
10. SIM Brochure and SIM Directory/SIM Brochura y SIM Directorio
11. DWG and QSWG Chair/Representantes del DWG y QSWG
12. Navy Project - Loan of Equipments/Proyecto del Navy - Doación de equipos
13. TC/PDC structure/Estrutura del TC/PDC
14. 2005 SIM General Assembly/Asamblea General del SIM 2005
15. Document SIM #09/SIM Documento #09
16. Other Business/Otros Asuntos





1. Introduction and Welcome
Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues, the President of SIM, welcomed Council Members.


2. Verification of Quorum
Quorum was verified by the Executive Secretary - 09 out of 12 members of Council were present.


3. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved with no amendments.


4. Approval of the Minutes from previous Council Meeting
The minutes were approved with no amendments.


5. Matters arising from the General Assembly
Considering CR 06/04, which states the revision of the timeline for the appointment of the TC and PDC Chairpersons, and JCRB representative, Yoshito Mitani suggested that such appointments should be made one year in advance. The Council agreed and for the next terms of TC, PDC and JCRB representative, the appointments shall be made in 2006 GA. The following resolution was approved by the Council:


CR 01/05: Following CR 06/04, the appointments for TC and PDC Chairpersons shall be done one year in advance to the end of the term.


Luis Mussio then asked to review CR 07/03 which states that the representation of SIM to the JCRB will be held by the Quality System Task Force Chairman. For him it was not clear whether the representation of SIM to the JCRB should be made by the QSTF Chairman or by him. The Council discussed the question and it was then decided to change the text for this resolution.


CR 02/05 (supersedes CR07/03): The representative of SIM to the JCRB will be Luis Mussio.

William Anderson called attention for the fact that the representative to the QSTF should also be part of the delegation to the JCRB. The following resolution was proposed and approved by the Council:


CR 03/05: The TC Chair and the QSTF Chair shall be part of the SIM delegation to the JCRB meetings.


Luis Mussio then proposed the revision of CR 07/02, about the QSTF. This revision concerns the appointment of the QSTF Chairperson, which has already been appointed by the Council as the JCRB representative. The following resolution was then proposed in order to supersede the previous one:


CR 04/05 (supersedes CR07/02): a task force will be set up to review QS implementations in SIM members for the purpose of the CIPM MRA, which will be formed by CIPM-MRA signatories. The chairperson of the QSTF will be appointed by the Council.


6. Report on 2004 Budget
Yoshito Mitani presented a report concerning the part of the 2004 budget managed by CENAM. The report had been sent to all Council Members in advance to allow them to have time to analyze it. He reported that there are no funds left in CENAM.


Yoshito Mitani also talked about the Internet training that had been subscribed to a fee of US$ 10,000.00 per year. He said he had received only a few responses and Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues suggested we sent a formal letter informing about this program and inviting SIM Members to participate in it, in order to avoid the wasting of such investment.


Yoshito Mitani also called attention to the event that occurred in Rio de Janeiro, in INMETRO, which was really successful and could be used as an example for next events.

The Council decided to approve the draft report presented by the PDC Chair, who will send the corrected version to SIM Council members.


Luis Mussio then talked about the funds managed by LATU, explaining that the resources that were left would be spent in the events held in Barbados and a seminar to be held in Bolivia next week, about Length. He also mentioned that he paid for tickets, per diem and hotel of some participants to Barbados events or else he would not have other ways to spend the money and would have to return the money to the OAS. He emphasized that next year we should be more careful not to let too many activities to the end of the year. Luis Mussio will prepare his report and send to the Council by the end of February.
Steve Carpenter briefly mentioned that the budget of Chemical Metrology Working Group was spent as a whole in the seminars and his report had been presented to the General Assembly held in Margarita Island in November.


7. Definition of SIM activities with the 2005 OAS Project
Steve Carpenter presented the work plan for 2005 in General Assembly held in Margarita Island in November and explained that he is concerned about the possibility that we might not get the full amount requested to OAS due to the few support letters received from the participant countries. He said this is a delicate situation and we must figure it out how to solve it in case we do not receive the requested funds. He then suggested the Council, when assessing SIM activities allocation, should give priority to those countries that submitted support letters to the project.
Concerning OAS support letters, Oscar Harasic stated that all necessary arrangements have been made in order to inform SIM members of the necessity of sending those letters. It was decided to send formal letters to the countries that have not sent the support letters to understand why they haven't done so. After having discussed the matter in more depth, the Council approved the following resolution:


CR 05/05: The regional coordinators should follow up with members on the submission of their support letters to the Metrology Project and report to the Council of the results.


8. Report from SIM Representative to JCRB
Luis Mussion informed the Council that the next JCRB meeting would be held in May in Belarus. He also informed about the documents that are under revision and that he has already sent them to those responsible for the revision.
He then presented the JCRB Inter-Regional Review Process, which explains the guidelines for a country to submit CMCs. He emphasized that the at the moment the quality system of the country must have been reviewed and evaluated by SIM, as only CMCs that are covered by a fully implemented Quality System that has been approved by the RMO may be submitted for inter-regional review. Luis Mussio then explained that JCRB intends to review this process, to establish that only the publication of CMCs becomes dependent on the implementation and approval of the NMI's Quality System. The council decided to instruct the JCRB representative to support the initiative of this review.


9. 2005 SIM Calendar
The Council then moved to discuss the representation of SIM to the next events of other organisms:


NCSLI (August) - SIM President will make a quick presentation about SIM and Willie May will present SIM Chemical Project. Sully Milesi, from Paraguay, and Jose Dajes, from Peru, will be SIM participants on the booth. The Council discussed the feasibility of distributing some souvenirs to among participants, as for example: pen drive, internet connector, t-shirts, calendars.


BIPM (March) - invited SIM to participate in their meeting in Paris, but the participation will not be funded. Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues read the invitation letter, which mentioned the main topics of their meeting. She suggested that SIM representative to this meeting should be someone involved with QSTF discussions or JCRB. William Anderson suggested sending someone from NIST or NRC. They will check this feasibility and meanwhile Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues will respond to BIPM informing that two SIM representatives will participate in it.


CCQM (April) - SIM representatives: Willie May, Jim McLaren and Yoshito Mitani.

JCRB (May) - SIM representatives: Steve Carpenter, Luis Mussio and William Anderson.


EUROMET (May) - SIM representatives: Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues and some other representative which will be appointed in due time.


APMP (September) - SIM representative: Steve Carpenter.


10. SIM Brochure/SIM Directory
Jose Dajes presented the new version for the SIM brochure. The Council suggested the inclusion of some more information to the brochure, like the Chemical Metrology Project, information about the last General Assemblies, about the human resources that have been trained, the OAS Project, etc.


About SIM Directory, Luis Mussio explained that we have been having problems with contacting SIM Members. The Council suggested that we could have an option of registration form through the Internet web page, what could facilitate the contact updating.


11. DWG/QSWG Chair
The Documentation Working Group will be chaired by Jose Dajes, from Peru.


CR06/05: To appoint Jose Dajes, from INDECOPI, Peru, as chairman of the Documentation Working Group.


Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues then informed that she wished to resign as the Chair of Quality System Metrology Working Group, and proposed the name of Anthea Ishmael, from Barbados, to be the chair of the QSMWG for the remainder of her term (till GA 2005). The Council agreed.


CR07/05: Confirm the designation of Anthea Ishmael from BNSI, Barbados, as chairman of the Quality System MWG.

Having no more subjects to discuss the meeting
was adjourned for the following day



Second Day




Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues SIM President, ABBS
Oscar Harasic Executive Secretary, OAS
Steve Carpenter Technical Advisor, NIST
Yoshito Mitani Professional Development Committee Chair, CENAM
Luis Mussio Technical Committee Chair
JCRB Representative, LATU
Luis Carlos Gomes On behalf of SURAMET Coordinator, INMETRO
Jose Dajes ANDIMET Coordinator, INDECOPI
Hermon Edmondson CARIMET Coordinator, BSJ
Christine de Groot On behalf of NORAMET Coordinator, NRC

Taynah Souza On behalf of SIM Secretariat, INMETRO




William Anderson QSTF Chair, NIST


Quorum was verified, 10 out of 12 members of Council being present.


12. Navy Project - Loan of Equipments
La Ron Scott and Larry Yates made a presentation to the Council about the Navy Project. They distributed their presentation to Council members and explained the main features of the project.


They explained they are a non-profit organization, which mainly donates equipment to interested countries as long as have enough resources to fund their counterpart, which involves the logistic necessary for implementing the equipments. The also have some initiatives concerning training activities, that could be useful for countries not interested in equipment donation.


In essence, it was presented the IMCAP project, explaining how countries could take advantage from their projects. They have programs for calibration support, and they can support not only private initiatives but also governmental initiatives.


After their presentation, Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues asked how they heard about SIM and Steve Carpenter explained that he himself had invited them to make this presentation to the Council in order to offer a better view of their projects, as he believes some countries could benefit from the Navy Project.

Oscar Harasic then asked if we could work with different countries with different needs, and they explained that this was indeed possible as the program is tailored.


Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues thanked them for the opportunity and the Council then moved on to discuss how SIM members could benefit from their options and it was thought that it would then depend on what we expect - in case this is training, we could work with all countries but in case this is another kind of action, working through subregions would be more feasible.


Steve Carpenter then said to the Council that now with the information received we could decide if we should take next steps and what are they. He also remembered that the NMI interested in participating in the project should be aware that there are commitments and there are costs in the counterpart. He also said he will find out with NIST it they would like to commit themselves in some way to help the others.


Coordinators will have to find out what the needs of their subregion are and if they are interested in incurring in such costs. The Council believes that training activities seem to be the first possible possibility to benefit from their offer and that equipment loans would then have to be made in an individual basis (country by country).


13. TC/PDC structure
Luis Mussio explained that the proposal was to have one committee with two coordinators, as he said that usually one participant of the subregion is the representative in both committees.


Yoshito Mitani then called attention for the deficiencies in communications, and for the future he sees a possibility of having the regional coordinators participating in TC/PDC meetings, instead of having another representative of each subregion for that. The structure would then be TC/PDC/Working Groups and regional coordinators representing the subregions on TC and PDC meetings.


Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues then suggested the subject would be discussed during the TC/PDC meeting of February 09th and that after that they bring a suggestion to the Council.


14. 2005 General Assembly
Hermon Edmondson explained that they are thinking of hosting the General Assembly in Trinidad and not in Tobago, as it is a more industrial place. Some themes have also been chosen for the awareness seminars: chemical metrology and legal metrology. He said Mr. Theodore Reddock would be here for the TC/PDC meeting, as he could not be present at this meeting, and then he will be able to give more information about the preparation for the GA 2005.

The leaflet containing information about the events shall be already by next week, as the formal dates have not been set. Steve Carpenter then suggested the establishment by the Council of deadlines for receiving information about the GA 2005. Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues said that the dates seem to have been fixed already (October 10th to 14th), but the program should then be ready in advance in order to invite speakers, and make the hotel arrangements.


The Council established the date of June 30th as the deadline for deciding the program of the events and the hosting hotel, in order to he Council to disseminate the information among coordinators.


Hermon Edmondson took advantage to request Brazil to present a seminar on legal metrology during GA 2005. Luis Carlos Gomes said it would be a pleasure for Brazil to present the seminar and suggested that the organization for the event contacts Cesar Luis, the Chair of LMWG, from Inmetro, to settle the necessary arrangements for it.


15. Document SIM #09
William Anderson explained the main changes of the document, which was presented to Council members. The Council discussed some points of the document, specially concerning the review process. The modifications referred to the following item of the document: 3.1.6, 3.1.7, 3.1.8, 3.3.2, 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3. With these modifications, the Council approved the new version of the Document SIM #09:


CR 08/05: The Council approved the new version of the Document #09 'SIM Procedure for Review of the Quality System of NMIs'.


16. Other Business
Ministerial Initiative:
Steve Carpenter made some remarks about the First Meeting of Ministers and High Authorities of Science and Technology, which occurred in November, in Peru, under the auspices of OAS (CIDI), with the participation of 26 countries. Steve Carpenter distributed a copy of the document to be included in the minutes.
Oscar Harasic briefly informed about the discussion of what is called the hemispheric initiatives: "advanced networking for the Caribbean region". He mentioned that those initiatives intend to create awareness among ministerial authorities about the importance of metrology. Sixteen initiatives were identified by the different participant countries and can be accessed by the Internet, one of them related to legal metrology, as many countries can not develop their trade without a better-developed area in legal metrology. The idea is to get funding for these initiatives. They have observed six different activities that should be developed in order to improve metrology infrastructure in the continent:


a. Raise the awareness of the importance of Metrology in Economic Development, trade and competitiveness to obtain political support.

b. Promote coordination and horizontal cooperation among National Metrology Institutes.

c. Training of Human Resources.

d. Improvement of laboratory facilities in each country according to the services they provide in comparison to the existing and potential needs.

e. Harmonize metrology, legislation, physical units, product standards, calibration, procedures, test procedures and conformity evaluation to achieve certificates.

f. Publications.


Steve Carpenter said that there are other countries interested in being included in the initiatives, like Central American countries but there is nothing decided about it.


Oscar Harasic then informed Council Members that the agreement between PTB and OAS was formally signed on January 24th. He reminded that there have been no changes on the agreement and that it just represented a formalization of the project, which is already being developed. Oscar Harasic also informed that the activities related to this project have just been held in the area of chemical metrology even though the project also includes accreditation. A copy was provided to Taynah Souza for the record and distribution to those interested countries by fax, under request.


Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues made some comments about the difficulties faced by Grenada, asking the Council whether there is something that could be done in order to offer some help from SIM. She suggested the organization of a visit of some of SIM Council to the country. The Council agreed and she therefore will make the necessary arrangements for that with people from Grenada Bureau of Standards.


SIM President, Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues, thanked all participants for their presence, remembering that the next Council meeting is scheduled for August, in Washington.


Having no more subjects to discuss the meeting was closed.